Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wedding Update!

Over the past few weeks we have been planning like crazy! As you all know, we have our location all picked out, but now we have our DJ too! He actually was the DJ at Chris and Alicia's wedding (Michael sister and brother-in-law) and he is going to DJ Bret and Hilary's wedding (Michael's childhood friend and her fiancé). He is so full of energy and he really helped us start to think about ideas of what we want at our wedding for music. Hope everyone is ready to dance and have a good time!

Also, this coming Thursday we have an appointment with Alante Photography and we think they might be the ONE! Their pictures are so artistic, but also intimate. It's the perfect combination of fun and romantic. I've included a link below so you can preview what we are seeing!

We of course would've loved for my sister who is a photographer to do our wedding, but she is the Maid of Honor, so that's out of the question! She needs to be IN the photos! Although, she will be bringing her camera to get those few shots that the photographer might not get. ;)

Next weekend we will be having our engagement photos taken as well by my sister! I'm so excited to get some updated professional photos of us and to get our save the dates ordered with one of the photos. :)

And the most exciting event coming up is DRESS SHOPPING!! It's every girls dream (or at least mine) to dress up like a princess in a bunch of different gowns. My bridal party Dani (my sister), Alicia (Michael's sister), and Carly (my childhood friend) along with Michael's mom will be going with me to Cinderellies Closet in Edmonds as well as La Belle in downtown Seattle towards the end of September! Hopefully I will find my dress on that day with all of these special women around me!

We also have decided that my aunt is going to be our Officiant! When we had started to think about who we'd want to do it, she was the first person I thought of. I didn't want it to be a stranger, rather someone who can make the ceremony something a little more special.

So, in short everything is falling into place! I'm so lucky to have everyone helping me out! I couldn't do it without every person in my bridal party as well as Michael's mom.

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