Monday, November 7, 2011

Portland, OR

Over Halloween weekend we took a trip down to Portland Oregon. We stayed at the Hilton Executive Tower right in the middle of downtown so we were close to everything! Friday night we went to The Portland City Grill for dinner. It was on the 30th floor of one of the towers and had some of the most amazing food! Even though it was slightly cloudy, the view was gorgeous! It felt like we were in the clouds! After our dinner we were both so tired from the drive and all the food, so we went back to the hotel for an early night.
Saturday morning we woke up and we went shopping and sight seeing downtown. Since there is no sales tax in Portland we had a little fun and went to Sephora for me and Macy's for Michael. One of the places we both wanted to go to (Nike Town) was closed for a remodel. So, we'll need to go back to check it out another time. After shopping I surprised Michael with an afternoon at Spa Sasse where we both had a relaxing Hydrobath followed by a couples massage! We both left refreshed, but a bit tired.
Later that night we met up with my cousin Krista and her fiance Thomas and we even dressed up for Halloween! Michael was a referee and I was his cheerleader! We went to a place called Grand Central where there was bowling, a huge bar, and even an area where you could get your makeup an hair done to complement your choice in Halloween outfit! We didn't partake, but it was fun to watch others come out looking scary!
After we saw my cousin, we went to go see my dad who was in town with some of his friends for a concert. We went to a few different pubs downtown and got to enjoy hearing about their night in Portland.
After our late night, Sunday morning we went to a place called Vodoo Doughnuts where they sell interesting and unique doughnuts. They had everything from doughnuts with fruitloops on the top and even banana fritters with chocolate and peanut butter drizzle on top! Michael of course got his maple bacon bar and I got my favorite; old fashioned!
When we got home we were so happy to see Paco who had stayed at Michael's parents for the weekend. He had so much fun, but was just as tired as we were! We of course took pictures to share...

Friday night at The Portland City Grill

Walking home we had a little fun in the rain and took in the sights

Shopping on Saturday morning we stopped to take photos with the cute animal statues that are all over downtown.

After shopping I surprised Michael with a day at Spa Sasse! It was so relaxing getting a massage after a long week.

Later Saturday night we met up with Krista and Thomas. They dressed as a nurse and a doctor for Halloween....

While we dressed up as a referee and cheerleader..

Sarah and Krista

Later in the night we met up with my dad!

Sunday morning Vodoo Doughnuts was like nothing we had ever seen with sideways chandaleers and sparkly brick outside.

As we were leaving a sign caught our eye that pretty much sums up what we had experienced..

Coming home we were so happy to see Paco, but he was so tired from his weekend with Michael's parents that all he wanted to do was sleep.

And Michael's mom even left us an XOXO cleverly in the candy corn!

We can't wait to go back and visit Portland! :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Time!

This week we made a trip to Snohomish to find the perfect pumpkins! We went to a new pumpkin patch that neither of us had been to that was a bit smaller than others. During the rest of the year they are just a small fruit stand. While we were there we couldn't skip on getting some fresh apple cider! When we got home, it was carving time! I think they came out pretty good...

Carving Time

The Outcome.. Can you guess who did which pumpkin?

Yep, that's right. The more detailed one on the left was Michael's and the simple one on the right is mine! They look great on our porch! :D

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Annual Outting to the Haunted Corn Maze

Every year we have gone to a haunted corn maze in Snohomish at Stalker Farms with our friends Alina and Adam. We always have a great time and get a good scare! People dressed up in scary costumes hide inside the corn and they even have huts that you have to walk through with hanging meat and creepy fog among other things. This year was just as scary as the last few even though we knew what to expect. I made Michael lead the way for the rest of us through the corn while my friend Alina and I stayed in the middle of the guys. It didn't seem to help too much and we ended up screaming just as much! Michael even got scared a few times which isn't an easy thing to do.

Michael and Adam- Our Fearless Boys!

Alina and I

The Happy Couples

We even ran into my girlfriend Mandy who normally comes with us to the maze

Here's a picture from 3 years ago at the corn maze with Alina and Mandy. Can't believe how fast time flys!

The four of us about to go into the maze

Here's a picture of the four of us last year before the maze

We can't wait to go again next year!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Woodland Park Zoo 10/02

On Sunday we went with Michael's parents and his nieces to the Woodland Park Zoo! We had such a great time pushing the girls around in their strollers, watching them get excited about the animals and of course spending time with his parents. To top it off, Michael got to see his favorite animals, turtles, and I got to see my favorite, penguins!

Michael with Lexie and Kenzie

Hippos and Giraffe’s were right in sight!

Kenzie, where did the giraffe go?

Kenzie liked pointing at the animals making sure we all saw them:

The girls found a perfect cubby to look at the animals up close:

Michael even got up close to the Peacock:

Lexie and Sarah with the Monkeys:

Michael with his favorite animal, turtles:

Sarah with her favorite animal, penguins:

The girls pushing their strollers:

Wedding Dress Shopping 09/24

A few weekends ago I went wedding dress shopping! It was so exciting looking through all the dresses and being treated like a princess of the day! I got to dress up in some gorgeous dresses while getting opinions from two of my bridesmaids (Alicia and Carly) and Michael's mom. Unfortunately my maid of honor (my sister) couldn't make it, so we took extra pictures so we could get her opinion as well. We first went to Cynderellie's Closet in Edmonds which is a smaller boutique. After trying on a few dresses I tried on one that the assistant who worked there actually picked out. As soon as I put it on I knew that it was 'THE ONE!' When I came out of the dressing room all I heard was "ahhh!! we love that one!!" However, knowing that I had a second appointment later in the day at La Belle Elaine's in downtown Seattle, I decided to wait until I looked there to make my final decision.

After we finished up at Cynderellie's Closet, we headed to downtown where we grabbed lunch and then went to the second appointment. There were several dress choices there as well, but every time I tried on a dress I kept day dreaming about the other one I had found earlier in the day. After only an hour at La Belle Elaine's, I told the girls "Let's go get my dress!"

We went back to Cynderellie's Closet where they measured me and I got to put on my dress again!
Thanks to all the help from my girls!
Next week we are off to look at bridesmaids dresses and I can't wait!

Below are some pictures from wedding dress shopping.... and no, there aren't pictures of me in any dresses. NO SNEAK PEAKS! ;)

Cynderellie's Closet (Take one..)

So many choices!

Carly testing out the accessories!

Debbie making friends with the boutique's mascot!

Our Trip to La Belle Elaine's:

Back to get my dress!!!!