Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wedding Dress Shopping 09/24

A few weekends ago I went wedding dress shopping! It was so exciting looking through all the dresses and being treated like a princess of the day! I got to dress up in some gorgeous dresses while getting opinions from two of my bridesmaids (Alicia and Carly) and Michael's mom. Unfortunately my maid of honor (my sister) couldn't make it, so we took extra pictures so we could get her opinion as well. We first went to Cynderellie's Closet in Edmonds which is a smaller boutique. After trying on a few dresses I tried on one that the assistant who worked there actually picked out. As soon as I put it on I knew that it was 'THE ONE!' When I came out of the dressing room all I heard was "ahhh!! we love that one!!" However, knowing that I had a second appointment later in the day at La Belle Elaine's in downtown Seattle, I decided to wait until I looked there to make my final decision.

After we finished up at Cynderellie's Closet, we headed to downtown where we grabbed lunch and then went to the second appointment. There were several dress choices there as well, but every time I tried on a dress I kept day dreaming about the other one I had found earlier in the day. After only an hour at La Belle Elaine's, I told the girls "Let's go get my dress!"

We went back to Cynderellie's Closet where they measured me and I got to put on my dress again!
Thanks to all the help from my girls!
Next week we are off to look at bridesmaids dresses and I can't wait!

Below are some pictures from wedding dress shopping.... and no, there aren't pictures of me in any dresses. NO SNEAK PEAKS! ;)

Cynderellie's Closet (Take one..)

So many choices!

Carly testing out the accessories!

Debbie making friends with the boutique's mascot!

Our Trip to La Belle Elaine's:

Back to get my dress!!!!

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